The Southport Spti

If the Gold Coast was known for one thing and one thing only, it would definitely be our beaches. Whether you are a local or here on a holiday, spending summer at the beach is definitely a MUST. With great beach spots running along almost the entire Gold Coast coastline it is almost impossible to pick the perfect one. From the North to the South, there is a beach for everyone! Here are our top three:

The Southport Spit / The Activity Beach

The Spit is more commonly known by locals as The Dog Beach, so it is perfect for any dog lover whether you plan to bring your own or just want to run around patting other peoples’. Not only is it dog friendly but it is also the perfect spot for beach activities. Bring the boogie board or the frisbee or maybe even a beach cricket set. The large area of sand between the dunes and the water makes for a great beach sport arena and with all the dogs you won’t feel guilty about ruining someone’s ‘relaxing day at the beach.’ This beach is truly for those who want to run around, kick up some sand and have a dip in the water.

Broadbeach / The Family Friendly Beach

Broadbeach beach (which actually is a bit of a mouthful) sits off the Esplanade and right next to kilometers of parks with playgrounds and picnic tables. The perfect mix of beach and parks is the main reason why Broadbeach is the best beach location for young families. With it’s close proximity to Oasis shopping centre and Pacific Fair, you can make your beach day a whole day out. A bit of sun, a bit of fun and a bit of shopping.

Burleigh Heads / Relax With A View

Not only is Burleigh Heads ideal for a day at the beach it is also beautiful at sunset. Watching the sun set from the Burleigh Hill with a picnic blanket, a flask fall of tea and a bag full of snacks is seriously a must do! Burleigh Heads beach is the perfect beach location to just sit back and relax, to tan and read a book.


The Gold Coast beaches have something for everyone. At the Southport Tourist Park we are in close proximity to the Broadwater. The Broadwater is a calm ocean area perfect for picnics, bike rides, fishing and for kids to play.

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